A little bit of the good old nostalgia

A little bit of the good old nostalgia
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by Hannah Hosanee
on May, 6

During these strange uncertain times we thought it would be nice to focus on things that bring us comfort so we’re taking a nostalgic look back at our childhood comforts.

Each of the team shared something that bring them a bit of nostalgic comfort from their childhood!


“Any songs from the albums, Rumours – Fleetwood Mac and Scissor Sisters – Scissor Sisters always remind me of going on long journeys with my family. My Dad always had the music blasting – likes being centre stage our Paul Howey.”

What’s the first thing you’re gonna do when you get outta lockdown 🤗

My three MUST DO things after lockdown are:

1. Visit my GMA asap – she loves being on Snapchat and having her photo taken as you can see. Top gal that one.

2. Rally all the pals together and hit the PUB PUB PUB

3. Go for a long walk and a PUB lunch after



“Angel delight is the champion of all retro foods – love it or hate it everyone has a memory… Takes me right back to a Sunday afternoon after dinner with Bullseye on the tele. Strawberry or butterscotch?”

What’s the first thing you’re gonna do when you get outta lockdown 🤗

1. Seaside F & C

2. Going to the seaside and having fish and chips

3. The seaside is for sure the thing I’m going to do once lockdown is lifted. What’s better than a walk along the front with the promise of a deep fried treat at the end


“Videogames – sit back for hours on the switch playing Mario, Streets of Rage and other Nintendo and Sega classics and now i’m old enough to buy and eat endless amounts of Opal fruits and Monster Munch at the same time with nobody to tell me no!”

What’s the first thing you’re gonna do when you get outta lockdown 🤗

Be first to the rave and last to leave – even though I used to do that anyway, now everyone else will be on the same wavelength! You never know when it’s gonna be your last party.


“Secret sci-fi geek when I was a kid I’d get lost in watching endless trash sci-fi from SeaQuest DSV, and Eerie Indiana to more obvious things like Star Trek, StarGate (including Atlantis) something that stayed with me growing up whenever I feel anxious I just binge on trashy sci-fi series currently viewing Shadower Hunters less sci fi more trash!”

What’s the first thing you’re gonna do when you get outta lockdown 🤗

Ink to remember! “I’ve never really needed telling twice but I like to have use my tattoos as a means of reminding myself about a certain milestone in my life and think this has got to be one of them! 6 weeks and counting at home no partying, no hangouts with my pals and no travels.”


In Good Company – Posters for the People project in collaboration with renowned artists from across the UK. A campaign to bring joy, art and colour to the streets so that people can spread positivity with art. The banners have been featured on billboards across Leeds and Manchester and on poster drums across the Leeds. They have also sold over 1000 of the banners to individuals and businesses who are displaying them across the nation and internationally.


Eat Your Green a local restaurant is supporting Pafras a local charity providing food and support to asylum seekers who have no recourse to public funds and therefore cannot access food banks. They are matching any donations of their £5 suspended veg boxes with the equivalent in fresh produce

Chapter 81 who are the business behind Leeds Indie Food have pivoted their festival website to be listing of all local cafes, bars, restaurants with details of their voucher schemes, delivery options and ways to help support them and keep the scene going.
Indie Directory http://leedsindiefood.co.uk/