the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common. 

Definition from Oxford Dictionaries

In 1983, Harley-Davidson faced extinction. 

Twenty-five years later, the company boasted a top-50 global brand valued at $7.8 billion. 

Central to the company’s turnaround, and to its subsequent success, was Harley’s commitment to building a brand community: a group of ardent consumers organized around the lifestyle, activities, and ethos of the brand.


BIMA Yorkshire is focused on providing peer support for agencies, brands, tech companies, universities and professional services groups in the region whilst helping to amplify our collective voices on a national stage.

In practice this means:

  • Facilitating regular senior leader meet ups to provide support, a listening ear and practical advice from industry peers.
  • Ensuring Yorkshire representation at national BIMA events such as Springboard, the Autumn conference and national councils on Diversity and Inclusion, AI and Data amongst others.
  • Driving awareness of the digital industry by rolling out national BIMA initiatives such as Digital Day to Yorkshire schools and colleges.
  • Signposting BIMA events and awards that can provide brand visibility, networking and training for all.
  • Championing an inclusive membership across the Yorkshire region from Leeds to Sheffield, Halifax to Barnsley.
  • Facilitating relationships with regional Local Council representatives as well as local tech digital and innovation communities including but not exclusive of organizers of Leeds Digital Festival, Leeds Digital Board, WiLD, Empowering Women with Tech

Visit their website at

Hannah-Natalie Hosanee – Yorkshire BIMA Chairperson

Community of Collaborators

We couldn’t do it without a little help from our friends! 

We work with a crack team of partners collaborating to bring you the best possible service and level of expertise per project here are just a few of the businesses that are part of our community.

We like to practice what we preach …

We’re active members of a few local and national and international communities including: 

  • besea.n
  • ESEA in Tech and Asian Leadership Collective
  • BIMA 
  • Empowering Women with Tech 
  • Forward Ladies 
  • Northern Power Women – (Hannah was part of the Future List, ones to watch 2019)
  • Leeds Digital Drinks 
  • Glug 

I like the fact that it isn’t all about emails or calls. A simple request to action something via a message to get the job done. Which in a modern world is so refreshing, flexibility is key to working on projects.

Consume Comms is a highly professional company. They provide clear communication with the right audience and always have a solution to a problem.

Our thanks go to Consume who supported us in successfully delivering a workshop for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Programme (MIT REAP).

I cannot recommend Consume enough. They have been brilliant to work with and an integral part of the team delivering a really high profile event for Leeds

Working with the Consume team is always fun, they look after their clients and ensure everything runs smoothly. - snacks are ALWAYS supplied too which is a big win!

Their proactive approach to event management and logistics is the best I’ve come across, everything is delivered with enthusiasm and precisism. Nothing overwhelms them, they are up for a challenge and most importantly it’s a pleasure to work with Hannah and her team.

Not only do Consume have a true 360º understanding of the commercial landscapes in the creative, digital and tech industries – they also live and breathe the community aspects within these industries too.

I've relied on Consume's marketing expertise for the last two years. The team has followed us through ups and downs in business and never failed to adapt to our changing needs.