BIMA x Leeds Digital Festival Drinks Reception

BIMA x Leeds Digital Festival Drinks Reception
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by Hannah Hosanee
on April, 27

Last Monday night we co-hosted BIMA drinks on the first day of Leeds Digital Festival’s mini-fest. It was a joy to see so many of our wonderful community back in the room having a natter. We hope it will be the start of many similar gatherings and we have lots planned to get excited about in the months ahead.

BIMA Yorkshire – the plan for 2022

No formal speech was planned yesterday but, for those who aren’t aware of BIMA, it is a national organisation representing 300+ companies and 8000 individuals from across the UK’s digital, tech and creative industries. Traditionally London focused we’ve been championing a Yorkshire voice for a while to ensure the talent in the region is given its true platform nationally. Our aims and objectives are below but, there are a number of initiatives ahead which we hope will be of interest including opportunity and responsibility conference, BIMA Beyond, Jobs for Ukraine and schools programme, Digital Day.  

BIMA Yorkshire – Our Aims and Aspirations 

BIMA Yorkshire is focused on providing peer support for agencies, brands, tech companies, universities and professional services groups in the region whilst helping to amplify our collective voices on a national stage. In practice this means:

  • Facilitating regular senior leader meet ups to provide support, a listening ear and practical advice from industry peers.
  • Ensuring Yorkshire representation at national BIMA events such as Springboard, the Autumn conference and national councils on Diversity and Inclusion, AI and Data amongst others.
  • Driving awareness of the digital industry by rolling out national BIMA initiatives such as Digital Day to Yorkshire schools and colleges.
  • Signposting BIMA events and awards that can provide brand visibility, networking and training for all.
  • Championing an inclusive membership across the Yorkshire region from Leeds to Sheffield, Halifax to Barnsley.
  • Facilitating relationships with regional Local Council representatives as well as local tech digital and innovation communities including but not exclusive of organizers of Leeds Digital Festival, Leeds Digital Board, WiLD, Empowering Women with Tech 

Please follow BIMA on LinkedIn or link up with our founding committee members Hannah-Natalie Hosanee, Lisa Wisniowski, Tom Faller, Adam McNichol if you’d like to find out more.