Cue Cardi B “Kahranaavaairrraaass”

Cue Cardi B “Kahranaavaairrraaass”
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by Hannah Hosanee
on April, 1

Who’s sick of hearing the word? But looking forward to 2030 when we’ll hear of kids getting picked up at the school gates named Karona-Vyress ✌️

Well, in what has been an interesting start to spring, here’s how the Consume Comms team have adapted to life in lockdown and our top tips for staying productive during Karona-Vyress and beyond!

1. Try not to fill your days with meetings – Try not to fill your days with meetings – Zoom zoom zoom, we’ve been inundated with video conferencing calls which are great for ensuring we’re still getting up and dressed and looking professional, but back to back calls can also take over the working day. Granted, we’re saving time on travelling to meetings and it’s great to see a face from outside the homestead, but try not to put too much pressure on yourself to be constantly visible and attending video meetings.

2. If you do have meetings make sure you always have an agenda and try to suggest 30 mins – you’re more likely to have a more productive meeting. Plus, it makes it a lot easier to pop your notes and actions alongside a succinct agenda heading.

3. Keep an admin day – a dedicated day for those little bits that distract you all week. Working from home can be great but there are a lot of distractions. Try to minimise them and keep your head clear – list it and resist it!

4. Don’t TikTok your life away – given our restricted status, social media scrolling and chit chat can seem like a great means to stay engaged with real people…BUT we all know how easy it is to fall into a social media black hole. Use it as a reward, set a time frame to check in on what’s happening.

5. Remember to stop working! The problem with working from home is there is no obvious end point, so be mindful to work to a schedule as to when to end your working day – be it based on completing a project, a task or maintaining your office hours. 

That being said you can use this new opportunity for flexible working to play to your strengths… are you a morning, afternoon or evening person?

6. Try to get those easy wins in – set yourself at least one task that needs to be completed each day and start with that so you begin your day on a high and with a sense of achievement.