ESEA Heritage Month Celebrations 🎉

ESEA Heritage Month Celebrations 🎉
by Sam Howey
on October, 8

Throughout September, Consume’s Founder, Hannah caught up with individuals from the ESEA community on our IGTV in celebration of ESEA Heritage Month! 👏🏽

Our four chats with, David Kam, Amy Phung, Viv Yau and Anna Chan shared their career pathway from education to their current roles and with plenty of squiggly career paths and pivots we had a variety of career experiences and loads of great insight and tips  – all of which you can view at our YouTube channel.

What a line up we had! ⚡️

David Kam is a Malaysian-born, London-based creative, movement artist and speaker, who’s work centres around wellness, with specific interests in play culture, joyful activism and embodied placemaking. David also run’s KindRedPacket, a grassroots movement to uplift the East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) community through story, spirit and service.

Watch David’s IGTV chat

Amy Phung is a graphic designer, illustrator and writer. In 2020, she co-founded Britain’s East and South East Asian Network after leading a campaign to stop news media using images of ESEA people in their COVID-19 reporting unnecessarily. This also instigated the first ever anti-ESEA racism Parliamentary debate led by Sarah Owen MP in October 2020.

Watch Amy’s IGTV chat

Viv Yau, the Founder & Director of Bee Influence where she aims to ensure ethical and inclusive influencer marketing campaigns for her clients. She also co-founded besea.n with five other ESEA women

Watch Viv’s IGTV chat

Anna Chan, a 2nd generation British Born Chinese woman originally from the North West of England, who is the Founder and Director of Asian Leadership Collective, a social enterprise with a mission to amplify ESEA leadership within the workplace.

Watch Anna’s IGTV chat

Our final ESEA career pathway spotlight is from Hannah, Founder and MD of Consume Comms.

Hannah has always balanced her creative and business interests leading from A-levels in art and business studies to a Design Management degree. While completing her final year at uni Hannah started working in an agency side continuing to with freelance marketing work while doing an MSC in Marketing.

“Freelancing straight out of uni made me realise how little equipped I was to deal with the commercial world so I quit consume version 1 at 22 and got a job in-house marketing.”

Over the next 10 years Hannah worked in various marketing roles across financial services, engineering, telecoms and tech delivering everything from content to large scale exhibition installations.

Finally Consume Comms was rebooted back in 2016 working across tech business to build community.

“The cornerstone to my career has always been finding the right network and community, running alongside my work and business I’ve always been involved in community projects from Glug, to now BIMA and most recently finding the ESEA community.”

⚡️Top career tip!
Be brave take opportunities, fail fast and learn so you can find a better the solution that better suits you next time! AND people community and multiple support networks are everything no one is an island!