ESEA Role Models: Viv Yau

ESEA Role Models: Viv Yau
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by Sam Howey
on January, 28

In celebration of ESEA (East and South East Asian) Heritage Month 2021, Consume’s Founder, Hannah spent some time talking to creatives and founders from the ESEA community, asking them to share an insight into their background, their family, education, and how they came to be in the creative industries.

Hannah spoke to Viv Yau, the Founder and Director of Bee Influence where she aims to ensure ethical and inclusive influencer marketing campaigns for her clients. Viv also co-founded besea.n with five other ESEA women 👏🏼

Video Highlights

  • Following university, Viv worked in talent management based in London managing YouTubers and influencers. She left her role to move back up north and lived with her mum while she was looking for work. 
  • By chance, Viv met her now investor. After a very informal chat with him about their experience, he suggested they start an agency together: influencer marketing agency – Bee Influence.
  • Viv co-founded Besea.n after becoming frustrated with the prolific and unnecessary use of East and South East Asians (ESEA) in headline imagery for COVID-19 news articles. More information on the story and how to support besea.n here.