ESEA Roles Models: David Kam

ESEA Roles Models: David Kam
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by Sam Howey
on January, 28

In celebration of ESEA (East and South East Asian) Heritage Month 2021, Consume’s Founder, Hannah spent some time talking to creatives and founders from the ESEA community, asking them to share an insight into their background, their family, education, and how they came to be in the creative industries.

During this IGTV live, Hannah had a conversation with David Kam, a Malaysian-born, London-based creative, movement artist and speaker, whose work centres around wellness, with specific interests in play culture, joyful activism, and embodied placemaking. David also runs KindRedPacket, a grassroots movement aimed to uplift ESEA community through story, spirit, and service.

“I really would love to share with anyone watching and anyone who’s you know, especially just at the start of their professional, creative career, it would be to resist categorization. To just allow yourself to kind of go where you feel you need to go.”

Video Highlights

  • David’s Chinese name is Kai Jiawei, was born and raised in Malaysia, and has been living in the UK for the past 10 years. 
  • David trained as an architect, a dancer, and is now a yoga teacher alongside running non-profit movement – KindRedPacket.
  • Fresh out of university he was invited to do a TEDx talk on Infinite Possibilities where he performed a multidisciplinary performance moving against a backdrop of illustrations and live music from a violinist.