Good vibes only

Good vibes only
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by Rob Allen
on April, 19

As a team we’ve been consciously trying to focus on good vibes only over the last couple of weeks. So the team had a little think about some positive things that they think have changed and things they have enjoyed doing more and would recommend as a result of COVID-19.

Each of the team had to name one things that’s changed for the better and one thing they’d recommend others try!

Meriesha – Operations Ass-Kicker

What do you feel has changed for the better due to CoronaVirus situ?

“Getting to know neighbours and enjoying a bit of community spirit. I have gifted marmalade (Meriesha has her very own indie marmalade business – Mama Bear) and I have been given a rainbow for my window.”

Artwork created by little Lily, Barnsley!

What would you would recommend to other people 🤔

“Get a Spotify account and take advantage of the ‘Radio’ feature – intro to so many new cool tracks” Meriesha recommended SoulWax Radio a little shout to a Yorkshire native there!

🔊 Soulwax Radio

Sam – Project Account Wrangler

What do you feel has changed for the better due to CoronaVirus situ?

“Everyone’s come together to hate Carole Baskin!” 🐯🧝🏼‍♀️

What would recommend to other people 🤔
“Do exercise in the morning before work, it’s great for your head; get yourself on Pinterest – there’s loads you can do at home! Or go on a run or cycle in your exercise hour allowance.”Here are some pinteresting ideas from Sam

Robert – Marketing Do’er

What do you feel has changed for the better due to CoronaVirus situ?

“People are using big supermarket chains less, looking for alternatives and supporting local independent markets and shops much more, realising you can get everything you need from them and at the same time supporting the businesses that need it most.”

What would you could recommend to other people 🤔
“Gaming: All the years and hours I spent gaming growing up have now come into good use. There’s no better way to spend, or lose, 8hrs plus indoors during lockdown than getting into a good game or playing online with mates, and even better – it’s now totally acceptable.”

Hannah – Consume Caretaker!

Thing that you feel has changed for the better due to CoronaVirus situ?

“Life has adopted a slower pace without the commuting to work and face to face meetings which has given me a bit of headspace to think about things, make changes and also get through a backlog of things I’ve been meaning to do!”

Thing that you could recommend to other people 🤔

“I’ve been using my new found free time to teach my mum WhatsApp video calling so she can see my new flat and baby bunnies and generally feel more plugged into my life. I’d recommend using this fallow time for good and create things that will make life a bit easier or better in the future!”