Support your local community in Leeds

Support your local community in Leeds
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by Sam Howey
on April, 8

We’re all about community so we’ve been making an effort as a team to share positive happenings and practical things we can do to support others. Here’s a few of the places we’ve clocked over the past week or so!

These peeps are offering support and services to the local community if you’re looking for practical things to do check em out.

1. Support your local food banks – We’re supporting our local food banks with supplies and encouraging donations to keep them well stocked. 

Our dollar is currently going to Leeds South & East Food Bank – who are distributed via

You can also access this on a global scale here: The Global Food Banking Network –

2. Charity starts at home, right… So we’re also donating to the Duke Studios – Sheaf St Go Fund Me; a funding pot split 50% between helping Sheaf St to keep going and be able to re-open when it is safe to do so, and 50% to help those who are in need since the virus outbreak. You can check it via #gottagetthruthis 🙌

They also have a pretty sweet deal for anyone who wants to purchase a voucher to be used when they reopen (you even get extra free money!)

3. Indie food direct to your door – whaaaaaaa…… The fine folks over at Leeds Indie Food have transformed their website and now have listings of all the deliciously amazing independent food vendors offering delivery or vouchers to be redeemed when they re-open. SO MANY FRICKING foodie options available for delivery to your home right now 👉👉👉

And a personal request from us – please be mindful of what you’re sharing. It’s an anxious time for a lot of people so posts that could potentially be misinformation and promoting fear and panic should not be shared and reported.